Healthcare Service Provider Engagement & Management

Our approach to managing Healthcare Service Providers is one that is responsive and with responsibility. This explains why we assign a dedicated Relationship Manager who is easily accessible to address concerns raised by Healthcare Service Providers. You can visit our Healthcare Service Provider Management page to know your assigned Relationship Manager.

We train and educate Healthcare Service Providers on our processes, guidelines and policy updates. The aim is to equip Providers with the needed information to render the requisite service for our subscribers.

We organize periodic Healthcare Service Provider Fora to engage Providers on Policies, guidelines and Protocols, as well as receive feedback from providers.

We recognize the need to make informed decisions based on insights and analytics of data we receive. This has been a valuable resource to us in our product design, premium determination, and benefit package among others.

As their partners in the provision of healthcare to our subscribers, we share insights and analytics on claims and other information to guide Healthcare Service Providers make prudent decisions to improve their operations.