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It can be very expensive paying for healthcare bills, especially when you are hit with such unplanned expenditures.

We can help you choose health cover for yourself or family.

MyHealth offers you

Peace of mind

The comfort of knowing that you and your loved ones can access health care any day, anytime, anywhere.


Timely Intervention

Receive care when you need it and avoid unpreparedness.


Financial Stability

With clearly defined premiums, we enable you plan for future emergencies in a simple sustainable way.



Offering you a wide range of plans and products to choose from depending on your pocket & family size.


Health Service Providers Nationwide

About 600 Health service providers [hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, diagnostics, dental, optical] nation wide.



Flexible payment options starting from monthly payments



Receive dependent's utilization upon request

Our 4-Tier Product plan meets every pocket

Essential Care Plan

This is very affordable. This plan option guarantees the basic and essential healthcare cover for individuals and families.

Executive Care Plan

This is the comfortable mid-range plan. It is comprehensive and guarantees total healthcare cover for the growing middle class individual and family

Premier Care Plan

A comprehensive beyond-average medical insurance plan which guarantees that extra comfort.

Premier Plus Plan

If you really don’t want to leave any aspect of your healthcare to chance, Premier Plus is the height of extensive medical insurance cover.

Our plan types suit different family sizes


[Principal Only]

Family Plan

[up to 6 family members]

Senior Plan

[No age limit]

MyHealth is not your regular insurance product; we go the extra mile to provide

Critical Illness cover

Covers over 14 known critical illnesses

We have introduced features to our core product to enhance user experience.

Medicine delivery

A telemedicine platform

Home Visits: Receive Chronic management services at Home. (Hypertension & Diabetes)

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