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Take these easy steps to experience us better!

Information is power!!! Your benefits? Claim history? Where is the nearest pharmacy or dental clinic? Need to file for a refund? Replace a lost ID card? Call for assistance from Nationwide? Very SIMPLE and convenient!!!

  • Download & install the Nationwide RX app from goggle play store /App store
  • Accept terms and conditions
  • Enter subscriber number and request for pin
  • Enter subscriber number and unique pin code
  • Call the call centre on 0800 222 222 for a pin code if you don’t have one.

Benefits of Nationwide App:

  • E –card
  • Access to policy benefits
  • Location of health service providers
  • Up to date claims records
  • Individual level usage consumption
  • Access to health titbits and lifestyle management news

This service allows subscribers to request for their prescribed medications to be delivered at the place of work via the Mobimed Pharmacy or Medpharma apps. Subscribers are guaranteed of quality medication. To order for a medication, kindly follow the processes below:


  • Registration
  • Download & install the Medpharma app from goggle play store /App store
  • Follow the prompt and Register with your details (name, email, phone number)
  • Create password to register


  • Pre –register your location and insurance
  • Order your medication by uploading a prescription
  • Select delivery type, insurance policy and delivery location.
  • Tap on submit button
  • Medpharma team will contact you for verification and delivery
  • For further enquiries contact :; 055 222 0077

Mobimed Pharmacy

  • Download & install the Mobimed app from goggle play store /App store
  • Register with your name & telephone number
  • You will receive an automated SMS code
  • Enter code for verification to access app

Request (WHATSAPP)

  • Take a image of your prescription and your Nationwide card
  • WhatsApp the above to 050 144 9458
  • Indicate your office location
  • Upon delivery of medication, give your prescription to the Mobimed personnel
  • Call 0800 222 222 or 050 144 9458 for assistance

To replace a lost, stolen or damaged card, please follow the steps below:

  • Inform your company HR and fill the card replacement card for endorsement
  • Submit card replacement form to NMI for processing of new card
  • Replacement comes at a fee
  • Payment can be made via MTN mobile money 0556615627and send transaction ID to your relationship manager for easy tracking of payment.

  • Subscribers can change their benefits within the first (3) three months of their current policy year.
  • Submit a change of benefit via the member portal
  • Upgrades and downgrades have premium implications.
  • Invoice covering premium for new plan will be issued
  • A new card reflecting the change in benefit option will be issued after payment

This is determined by the HR policy and exit processes at your company.

The following medical services require pre –approval from NMI:

  1. Surgeries: a pre-approval request is sent by the hospital/ clinic directly to NMI for approval.
  2. Advanced Imaging (CT scan, MRI etc.)
    • WhatsApp the request and your subscribership number to 050 147 1181; 055 657 9271 for approval
    • Contact 0800 222 222 for assistance

Subscribers can file for refund within 90 days from the date of attendance when they access healthcare in emergency situations or are referred to unaccredited healthcare service providers.

Mode of Submission

  1. Refund form
    As part of the paper refund submission, it is required to fill a refund form available at subscribers’ HR department and attach all valid documents ie. Request forms, prescription forms, receipts etc.
  2. NMI App
    Fill out the refund form available on the NMI App and attach images of all relevant and valid documents for processing.
  3. WhatsApp
    To file for reimbursement through the NMI WhatsApp platform:

    • Send images of your valid refund documents (i.e. receipts, prescription forms,
      laboratory/diagnostic request forms, in – patient billing sheet in case of admission or surgery etc.) to 050 132 7660.
    • Indicate your name, company name, subscribership number email address and preferred Mode
      of Payment (Cheque or MTN Mobile Money).

Please note the following: Validity of refund document
Receipt for drugs
For medicines or drugs, submit a receipt and a valid prescription.
A valid prescription should have the following:

  • Beneficiary’s name
  • Date of attendance
  • Doctor’s name & signature
  • Hospital or doctor’s stamp on the request

Receipt for Laboratory / Diagnostics Investigations
Submit a valid request form and a receipt.
A valid request form should have:

  • Beneficiary’s name
  • Date of attendance
  • Doctor’s name & signature
  • Hospital or doctor’s stamp
  • Clinical history / diagnosis

Receipt for a Surgery
For surgeries, a receipt should be submitted with
• An itemized bill or costing sheet on the hospital’s letter head.
• Clinical history or diagnosis
• Type of surgical procedure

Receipt for Admissions
Should be submitted with

  • An itemized bill or a costing sheet on the hospital’s letter head
  •  Clinical diagnosis

Processing time

  • Refund are processed and paid within fourteen (14) working days from the date of submission. However, we pride ourselves with 24 hours of claims for amounts up to GHC600.00 via MTN Mobile Money.
  • Refund documents are vetted and reimbursed according to your benefit options subject to vetting protocols.
  • Policy limits and NMI negotiated tariffs for services will applied to Refunds submitted.

Services that fall under our exclusions list shall not be covered.
Click for full list.