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What do I do if I am denied service at an accredited service provider?
  • Call 0800 222 222 immediately or inform your relationship manager.
  • You are required to seek for Approval from NMI for all advanced imaging [MRI , CT scan, EEG]
  • The health provider requesting for the MRI must send a request to NMI.
  • Contact 0800 222 222 for more details
  • Over the counter treatment and self medication are not allowed.
  • You can only have access to prescribed medication or diagnostic investigation after undergoing through medical consultation with a Medical officer/ Health Professional.
  • Generally, artificial tooth and crown are exclusions.
  • The card covers only the person insured [the person whose details are on the membership card]. Health insurance benefits are not transferrable.
  • Yes, moving from one plan to another is allowed .However upgrade can only be done within the first quarter [3 months] of the policy period /benefit year
  • Upgrades are subject to conditions [contact your Relationship Manager for further details]
  • This rarely happens but your medical cover ends immediately.
  • NMI notifies member(s) who exceed 70% of their utilization.
  • Members are encouraged to restrict medical expenses wherever possible to reasonable limits, so as to accumulate enough reserves for emergencies or sudden life threatening medical conditions.
  • The pharmacist will cross out the drugs supplied on the prescription form
  • Run photocopy of the original prescription
  • You will be given a copy of the prescription form which would enable you take the remaining drugs on the prescription.
  • In case you are given a photocopied prescription, ensure that it is endorsed by the Pharmacist/pharmacy attendant.
  • Emergency is an unexpectedly injury to or illness of a Beneficiary, which requires immediate medical intervention to preserve life.
  • You are required to pay if your NMI plan specific service provider isn’t available within the locality where the emergency occurred.
  • Submit the receipt and request forms to your Company HR or contact Nationwide immediately.
  • No, except in emergency situations or when the required care is not available within the network of NMI accredited service providers.
  • You are required to seek for pre-authorization from NMI before accessing care at any unaccredited care provider.