Our Mission

Our mission is to efficiently collect and pool members’ contributions, to provide quality healthcare to its members through a dependable network of motivated and committed healthcare service providers at the best possible value

Our Vision

To be the dominant financier of healthcare services in the private sector.

Our Objectives

1. To enable members budget for the cost of healthcare

Our Objectives

2. To spread the financial impact of illness on its members through the vehicle of insurance

Our Objectives

3. To continually improve the quality of healthcare service being provided to its members at the best possible value

Who Are We

Nationwide Medical Insurance (Nationwide) is a Private Mutual Health Insurance scheme promoted by the Society of Private Medical and Dental Practitioners (SPMDP) in 2003. Nationwide is essentially a mutual fund into which the contributions vof all members are paid, and is utilised to provide healthcare services to members who so require. Nationwide is an autonomous not-for-profit organisation based on solidarity between its members and is democratically accountable to them.


Mutual principle of members’ contribution financing the healthcare of those who so require.


Optimally utilize resources to provide quality healthcare at the best value.


Comprehensive scope of medical facilities, and specialist services.

Management Team