Dr. Douglas A.K Sarkodie

With extensive knowledge in insurance, finance, and risk management, Dr. Douglas A.K Sarkodie is a seasoned chartered insurer with a proven track record of building profitable insurance businesses. He possesses excellent leadership skills, as demonstrated through his various leadership positions and his ability to drive growth and innovation in the industry. For two decades he has served as a mentor and a trainee to almost all the private health insurance CEO’s in Ghana.

Dr. Sarkodie is an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute of Ghana and a risk specialist from the Institute of Risk Management in the United Kingdom. He holds a BSc in Information Communication, an MBA from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, and a Ph.D. from the Business University of Costa Rica. Currently, he is a final year student of Bachelor of Law at the Wisconsin International University College Ghana.

Despite his impressive accomplishments, Dr. Sarkodie remains humble and grounded. He believes in collaboration, transparency, and a focus on achieving shared goals as the foundation of his leadership style. Dr. Sarkodie is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion in the workplace and has implemented policies and programs that promote these values, creating a culture of inclusivity where all employees feel valued and respected.

As the best CEO in the health insurance category, based on merit for his contributions to the industry, he recently received the prestigious award at the CEO Summit as the Best CEO in the Health insurance sector and has also been nominated to receive an award at the ECOWAS awards in Geneva Switzerland.

In addition to his professional achievements, Dr. Sarkodie is also dedicated to various charitable causes, especially those related to education and healthcare. He is a true industry leader and an inspiration to those aspiring to succeed in the insurance industry. When not working, he enjoys spending quality time with his family.