Third Party Administration

The  TPA  Healthcare  Plan  is  an  option  available  for  corporate  entities  and  groups  who  require  bespoke healthcare plans for their employees or members.

The TPA arrangement presents clients with the opportunity for greater involvement and input into designing specialized benefit packages for their members according to their peculiar healthcare needs.

  • Affordable Tailor made benefits to suit your needs and budget
  • Networked Extended hospital list
  • Dependable From consultation, diagnostic tests to prescribed medicines we provide your employees the needed care

How to apply

Call toll free number 0800 222 222
Via sales hotlines 0202223959, 0544340021, 0556591033

How the TPA Arrangement Works

TPA arrangements require the clients, working in consultation with Nationwide, to identify and define their specialized healthcare needs (bespoke healthcare benefits, eligible healthcare beneficiaries, benefit limits, policy exclusions, etc.).

Nationwide then designs a bespoke plan based on the healthcare needs identified above. Individual members (employees and their dependants) are registered with the Nationwide and issued with membership identification cards. These membership cards become the passport to access healthcare services at any of the accredited network of healthcare service providers across the country. The corporate client is introduced to the network of Healthcare Service Providers and details of the bespoke plan are communicated.

Registered members are issued with pocket size user handbook to provide guidance for, among other things, accessing healthcare services, requesting for medical reimbursements, locations and contact details of network facilities, etc. User training programs are also organized for members. Members can then access healthcare services with their cards from the commencement date of the policy.