Corporate Insurance

According to research, healthcare benefit is one of the major differentiators for attracting and retaining high caliber staff. The healthcare of employees is no longer a passive function of the employer. It is now very strategic in the delivery of employee value proposition and making the employer a progressive one. Our corporate medical insurance plans have the perfect balance between healthcare cover for employees and measurable business benefits that include reduced sickness absence, increased productivity and improved employee morale. Our plans enable you to make choices that reflect both your stage and budget, and they can be adjusted as required to meet your changing health needs.

We provide this service to corporate entities, Small and Medium Enterprises as well as Organized Groups with a minimum of 10 employees. Premiums are actuarially determined based on the number of people, age distribution, gender distribution, type of Industry.

Subscribers have access to our Essential care, Executive care, Premier care, Privilege care plans.


Health plans

Join the healthcare family and get covered with our plans. You can download our full health plan packages and benefits below


Essential Care Plan

Our base plan affords you quality care and access to over 350 of our healthcare facilities.

Executive Care Plan

This plan offers care with increased limits and gives members access to over 400 of our healthcare facilities.

Premier Care Plan

Offers members wide range healthcare benefits and access to over 500 healthcare facilities.

Premier Plus Care Plan

Offers premium healthcare benefits and access to over 550 healthcare facilities

Privilege Care Plan

Offers optimal healthcare benefits with access to further treatment to South Africa and India upon referral.

Outpatient benefits

  • General Consultation
  • Specialist Consultation
  • Prescribed Medicines
  • Diagnostic Investigations including labs and imaging
  • Dental Treatments
  • Maternity Care
  • Eye/Optical Treatments(Consultations, medications, surgeries, spectacles subsidy)
  • Physiotherapy
  • Mental Health

Inpatient benefits

  • In Patient Consultations
  • In-Patient Diagnostic Investigations
  • Surgeries
  • Hospital Accommodation
  • In-Hospital Prescribed Medicines
  • Maternity Care including deliveries (SVD, assisted & caesarean) neo-natal & circumcision

How to register/enroll

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