Client Care

At Nationwide, our subscribers are special to us. They are the foundation of our success and as such are PARTNERS and not CLIENTS. That is why we have assigned Relationship Managers for each of our partners, whose raison d’être is to ensure total client satisfaction and delight.

Client Relationship Management [CRM] comprises four parts:

  • Understanding our partners’ needs
  • Executing or delivering our partners’ request promptly and on time.
  • Predicting what our partners will need in the future and providing it even before they realize the need.
  • Delivering targeted communication in response to our partners’ needs.

As part of a client-centric focus, Nationwide regularly interacts with subscribers through “information sessions”, “Nationwide day with Clients” to better acquaint subscribers with their benefits, refund policy and processes; policy updates among others.

Nationwide also organizes health promotion activities which include but not limited to health seminars, free medical screening and health newsletters for subscribers as part of our preventive health program.

In today's market, where customers are constantly prospected, loyalty cannot be taken for granted. We at Nationwide understand the importance of forging sincere partnerships and know it is just as critical as "making the sale".

We aim to go the extra mile to delight and build sincere relationships with our PARTNERS.

Extra Mile Our Unique selling proposition


Mobimed Medicine Delivery

Convenience: as a Nationwide subscriber, simply download the Mobimed Pharmacy app from google playstore / appstore and you can have your prescribed medication delivered to you at your workplace!!!


Nationwide App

Information is power!!
Your benefits? Claim history? Nearest Pharmacy or Dental clinic?
Simply Download the Nationwide App from google playstore / appstore and all your questions are answered.


“Ask The Doctor”

If you need clarity or advice on any health condition/ symptoms, medicine etc. call our toll free number 0800-222-222

Available every last Friday Of the Month (11am to 2pm)


Call Centre

We are always at your service. Dial into our Call Centre 0800-222-222
And its toll free!!!

Monday - Saturday (6am to 8pm)


Onsite Clinic

Our effective approach to ensure your employees concentrate on the business at work. You get a whole range of medical benefits including:

On site consultation, Prescribed medicines for acute conditions and Presence of a Medical officer.


Health Promotion

Affords employees collectively the opportunity to directly engage with healthcare practitioners and specialists on emerging health issues usually arising out of analysis of healthcare data of the staff as a group.

This is for corporate clients.