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Can I change my benefit package after enrollment?
  • Yes, moving from one plan to another is allowed .However upgrade can only be done within the first quarter [3 months] of the policy period /benefit year
  • Upgrades are subject to conditions [contact your Relationship Manager for further details]
  • The card covers only the person insured [the person whose details are on the membership card]. Health insurance benefits are not transferrable.
  • Generally, artificial tooth and crown are exclusions.
  • Over the counter treatment and self medication are not allowed.
  • You can only have access to prescribed medication or diagnostic investigation after undergoing through medical consultation with a Medical officer/ Health Professional.
  • You are required to seek for Approval from NMI for all advanced imaging [MRI , CT scan, EEG]
  • The health provider requesting for the MRI must send a request to NMI.
  • Contact 0800 222 222 for more details
  • Call 0800 222 222 immediately or inform your relationship manager.

You can join the NMI family through the following option:

  • Company/Organization seeking health insurance coverage for their employees
  • Family health plan for individuals who would want to enroll their families.
  • Individual seeking a personal health insurance cover can also enroll on the “My Health plan”.

Contact our toll free call centre on 0800 222 222 or any of the client service hotlines when faced with any challenges at the service provider site.

Do not wait and report to HR after the incident

  • For corporate enrollment, your company /HR will select an insurance package for you as offered by NMI.
  • Families and individuals can choose any of our health plans [refer to NMI health plans and benefits menu.
  • Your HR office would inform NMI and retrieve all membership card(s) from employee and dependent(s).